• One or more rooms or houses. One or more bungalows. It allows you to make reservations for a single tourist home or for rural houses and various accommodations with multiple rooms.
    • Availability calendar.
    • All centralized calendars. Allows you to bidirectionally update your booking calendar on Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking, Tripadvisor and many other compatible portals.
    • Prices per season so it's quick to change.
    • Minimum days for season bookings.
    • Variable rates for different concepts (cleaning, additional prices per person, ...)
    • Tourist tax. It takes into account the tourist tax in the calculation of the price and allows you to include it in the payment or collect it in cash when guests arrive.
    • One payment or two payments as a percentage.


    More functions

    • Possibility to include a deposit in total.
    • Discount coupons. They allow you to make the price more flexible and promote by publishing the codes wherever you want and make personalized offers to your customers, 5%, 10%, ...
    • It uses the new STRIPE payment system, widely implemented in other countries and now available in our country.
    • It can be integrated into your current website using a small code or you can add a link to our portal if you find it easier, you choose. If you don't have a website, look at one of our options for having your website in minutes.
    • Email alerts for payments and reservations and optionally by Pushover (immediate notice on mobile phone).
    • Home automation integrations: we can turn on the fridge, heater and other appliances automatically some time before guests arrive.
    • Automatic delivery of Nuki keys. We integrate key delivery two days before guests arrive so that they become familiar with the operation of the Nuki App.
    • Multi-language: currently in Catalan, Spanish, English and French. If you need any more no problem, we will.
    • Minimum commissions, without monthly or annual fee. Commission only. STRIPE also has a commission and is usually the normal credit card.


    If you want to see an example in operation you can go to

    Snapbooked is a tool that arose from the need to be able to manage tourist rentals easily and without high costs.

    With experience in the management of various and various tourist establishments, from we provide the sector with an easy-to-use tool, adapted to our times and with added value that will position your business quickly.

    For more information do not hesitate to contact.